As Design Director I had the pleasure of reinventing the news design principles through the introduction of the Reith font into our onscreen identity
 The brand experience was to reflect the BBC News principles of Distinctive, Trusted, Engaging Everyone, Every Day.
‘The Brand Club’, a group of passionate designers and developers from across broadcast & UX undertook the introduction of Reith into BBC news  for an engaging and consistent experience whichever platform the audience or user chooses.
Integrating Reith into the news design language was an opportunity to rethink the core design elements for all touch points with an overarching design concept that included typographical hierarchy, graphical assets, motion principles and design architecture that works cohesively everywhere.
We explored the range of Reith’s 22 fonts to establish typographical combinations through the use of both the serif and sans. This gave news a more contemporary, distinctive look as well as a variable ‘tone of voice’. 
The colour palette is now more vibrant with secondary colours and complementary highlights. We gave a more ‘human’ feel to the animation by adopting the motion of handheld devices, of horizontal and vertical swipes.
Below are a few examples of the epic project.​​​​​​​
Design Director: Paula Thompson
UX Head of Design: Tamar Gur
These works were created by – 
Creative Directors:  Bill Calder,  Dawn Lathey,  Julie Tritton,  Caroline Pitt,   Matt Boulton,  Nick Davey,   Eiad Barazi,  Nick Davey,  Mitra Turani,   Eian McMeeking.
Senior Designers:  Janet Jones,  Parveen Virdi,   Aoife McKenna,  Jean-Li Lee,  Simon Walsh,   Natalie Smart,  Noor Saab,  Audrey Rapier.
Real Time Graphics Developers - Senior Software Engineers: David Hughes,  Steve Mantz,  Martin Ayub,  Luis Gomez,  Max Blaber,  Tony Sinclair & Pete Lane,  Leon Glover.
and the BBC News Motion Design team
Project Managers:  Paul Lindsay,  Louise Smith,  Louise Aslangul. ​​​​​​​
Directors: Chris Cooke
Head of Editorial: Sam Taylor.
Head of Marketing: Christine Woodman,  Kate Gartland,  Sophia Pendar Hughes.

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