In 2007 the BBC commissioned Martin Lambie-Nairn to redesign BBC News.
I was fortunate enough to work with Martin, Sandra Goddard and Mike Kavanagh as part of this small creative implementation team.  Post launch I went onto become the Design Director, BBC News, and took on the responsibility of Brand Guardian.
The guiding design principles of Simplicity = Clarity = Understanding created by Lambie-Nairn are still as valid today as they were in 2007.
The Globe image formed an inherent element of the news identity and remains an internationally recognised icon.  With the need to look fresh and contemporary, I deconstructed the globe into its design elements: colour, animation, the pips, curves and the cats-cradle. These are the foundation principles of the evolution of the brand.
 Designing programme identities across the 5 BBC News channels, we used these foundation principles to create bespoke personalities that remain part of the wider brand family
Below is a sample of the varied work created by the Motion Design, Visual Journalism team across BBC News.
Design Director:  Paula Thompson
Creative Directors:  Bill Calder,  Julie Tritton,  Caroline Pitt,  Nick Davey,  Eiad Barazi,  Mitra Turani,  Matt Boulton,  Pascual Diaz Alonso,  Dawn Lathey.   
Senior Designers:  Aoife McKenna,  Jo McDonald,  Cath Speight,  Jonny Barrett,  Fedele Rinaldi,  Leo Scutt-Richter,  Nick Motture.
Designers:   Ammar Zuhair,  Fadi Jabara,   Marco Bertoldo,  Stelios Thoukidides,  Parveen Virdi,  Salman Mushatat,  Alex Kessling,  Mel Lou.
and the BBC News Motion Design team
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