The Election logo was originally designed in 2015 by BBC News in-house design team as a collaboration between motion, digital & UX designers.
I set the brief to create a brand language that would appeal to a wide audience and be easily identifiable in the noisy media landscape. The logo would sit at the heart of all BBC coverage, helping the audience to navigate and discover both informative and exciting content.
The vibrant logo is a geometric representation of the classic ballot box with the X enhancing the editorial message of ‘your vote’ and ‘explaining complex stories with clarity’.
The colourful palette reflects the diversity of political parties within the UK.
The hex concept has been reused, reinvented, reinterpreted and revitalised for all BBC News election coverage over 6 years and I'm proud to have overseen multiple historical events such as Brexit, the Scottish Referendum and multiple Elections.
Design Director: Paula Thompson
These works were created by - 
Creative Directors:  Julie Tritton,  Caroline Pitt,   Nick Davey,   Dawn Lathey,   Mark Edwards. 
Senior Designers:  Aoife McKenna,  Jo McDonald,  Jonny Barrett,   Alex Newbury,  George Spencer,   Ian Paul Joyce.
Real Time Graphics Developers - Senior Software Engineers: David Hughes,  Steve Mantz,  Martin Ayub,  Luis Gomez,  Max Blaber,  Tony Sinclair,  Pete Lane,  Leon Glover.
Designers:   Ammar Zuhair,  Janet Jones,  Parveen Virdi,  Mel Lou,  Jean-Li Lee.
and the BBC News Motion Design team

Data services:  Idonix 
VR & Tracking:  Chris Issac
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