In 2012 I established our in-house Virtual Reality team.
Over the years I have supported the many designers and developers have travelled through the department and brought fresh design styles, combining exciting story telling with innovative technology exploring both AR and VR.
In a culture where designers code and developers design, the boundaries between disciplines are often blurred, bringing excitement and energy to the work.
Enjoy this snap shot of their great achievements.

In 2017 I established the Digital Video team, set up in response to the demand for explainer animations within the growing digital streaming services, headed up by Creative Directors, Nick Davey, Eian McMeeking and Aoife McKenna.  
Working with Mark Bryson & Joy Roxas an exciting motion design language was established to make our great content truly stand out on all platforms.
These included “Around the World’, created for the mobile only service Quibi and the award winning and highly successful ‘Cut Through The Noise’ on Facebook.
Check it out via the link
Creative Directors: Nick Davey, Matt Boulton, Eiad Barazi, Bill Calder.
Designers: Ammar Al Yasiri,  Alex Newbery,  Emma Plant,  Jonny Barrett,  Mark Edwards,  George Spencer, Sal Mushatat. 
Developers: Martin Ayub, Steve Mantz,  Tony Sinclair,  Max Blaber,  David Hughes,  Hector Luis Gomez, Tony Sinclair

Digital Video
Design Directors: Mark Bryson-Digital,  Paula Thompson-Motion.
Creative leads: Eian McMeeking,  Nick Davey,  Aoife McKenna,  Mel Lou,  Terry Sanders, Simon Walsh,  Parven Virdi,  Joy Roxas,  Simon Martin,  Fedele Rinaldi.
and the BBC News Motion Design team
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