The BBC commissioned the design of a new font from type designers, Dalton Maag to provide a fresh, distinctive look and feel across the entire BBC estate.
The project was initiated by UX&D and Marketing and I was fortunate to be a key stakeholder to help steer the project right through from concepts to implementation within BBC News.​​​​​​​
Check out the full story of the font on the BBC Gel site
We formed 'The Brand Club', a group of passionate UX & Motion Designers & Developers who collaboratively and creatively integrated the new Reith font into BBC News.
Through workshops and user testing we began the redesign of the onscreen architecture through typography, form and motion.
We gathered in creative jams for intense exploration of the intricacies of the font. Delving into the anatomy of the characters was a joy and liberated our design thinking to be typographically ambitious.
Working with Sutherland Labs we tested cross-platform legibility to get the best reading experience for our audiences. By implementing the research findings and using them to make educated decisions, we built the foundations of our designs.
Check out the link to the Dalton Maag and Reith site here
Design Director: Paula Thompson
UX Head of Design: Tamar Gur
These works were created by – 
Creative Directors:  Dawn Lathey, Julie Tritton, Caroline Pitt,  Nick Davey,   Eiad Barazi.
Senior Designers:  Janet Jones, Parveen Virdi,  Aoife McKenna,  Jean-Li Lee,  Simon Walsh,   Natalie Smart, Noor Saab,  Audrey Rapier.
Real Time Graphics Developers - Senior Software Engineers: David Hughes, Steve Mantz, Martin Ayub, Luis Gomez, Max Blaber, Tony Sinclair, Pete Lane, Leon Glover.
and the BBC News Motion Design team

Workshops Paul Finn Fitzroy & Finn
Nourdine Arsalane,   Tim Blyth,   Neil Bramah,  Tim Broom,   Craig Caddis,   Bill Calder,   Amanda Constantinou   Steven Cavagnero,   Sandra Rodriguez Chillida,   Ngan-Thi Dang,   Weiming Fan ,  Amalia Goutaki,   Lilly Huynh,  Alistair Kroie,   Dawn Lathey,   Yael Levey,   Nick Lockington,   Edwina Nolan,  Ryan O’connor,   Robyn Porter,  Dario Ramalho,   Stephen Robertson,   Janet Jones,   Jimi Rowe,  Joy Roxas,   Nour Saab,  Natalie Smart,    Luisa Sousa,    Gail Taplin,    Gar Thomas,   Simon Walsh.
Project Manager:  Paul Lindsay,  Louise Smith,  Louise Aslangul,  Emma Plant.
Directors: Chris Cooke.
Head of Editorial: Sam Taylor.
Head of Marketing: Christine Woodman,  Kate Gartland,  Sophia Pendar Hughes.
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