The new font remains at the heart of News design principles, along with the extended colour palette giving designers an exciting range of visual expression to explore.
The redesign was an exciting undertaking across all of BBC news. In order to drive the concept to all areas of news, I am proud to have worked as Design Director with the  talented creatives, developers, project managers, directors and editorial colleagues who collaborated to bring the project to life. ​​​​​​​
Design Director: Paula Thompson
UX Head of Design: Tamar Gur
These works were created by – 
Creative Directors:  Bill Calder,  Dawn Lathey,  Julie Tritton,  Caroline Pitt,  Matt Boulton,  Nick Davey,  Eiad Barazi,  Nick Davey,  Mitra Turani,  Eian McMeeking.
Senior Designers:  Janet Jones,  Parveen Virdi,   Aoife McKenna,   Jean-Li Lee,   Simon Walsh,   Natalie Smart,   Noor Saab,  Audrey Rapier.
Real Time Graphics Developers - Senior Software Engineers: David Hughes,  Steve Mantz,  Martin Ayub, Luis Gomez, Max Blaber, Tony Sinclair & Pete Lane, Leon Glover.
and the BBC News Motion Design team
Project Managers:  Paul Lindsay,  Louise Smith, Louise Aslangul. 

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